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        Web Design Portfolio
Graphics design and programming are means for an essential elements of a modern business: web presence. Whether you are posting simple elements like a menu or a map to your business or creating a page that functions with your business, the internet is the main resource. Having any kind of website will allow people to find you more easily and allow you to distribute information with very little effort.
I have been working with web design for two decades, writing HTML in the early days of the Internet and graduating later to be able to work with database software and more advanced web script programming (mainly in PHP) and server maintenance. My style is usually minimalist and compliant with current standards from every browser and operating system. I avoid using proprietary software such as Adobe Flash. As my training in Systems Analysis goes, I am very observant of consistent syntax and formatting of the raw files.
For a client, I work to make a page as easy to maintain and update without my presence (though I would be happy to return and provide futher support). When, sometimes, a database or server side program is needed, I will help you find a provider that is easy to work with. If you will be maintaining your page alone, I will leave documentation to guide you through maintaining the page.

Below are a few examples of websites I have published or created. Some aren't the best by current standards, but they are suited to the needs of the page and the time period they were written in. Some of these pages are no longer functional, and will be marked as "Archived".
The pages dating before 2005 are designed with the old screen size aspect ratio (1280x1024), so will have a lot of "empty space" on modern wide-screen displays (1920x1080). I have chosen to leave these in the original size.

Mobile versions of some of these pages are being worked on as demonstrations
Elder Care Options Website Thumbnail
Elder Care Options (2014)
Fully Functional
Though this page is rather simple (developed pro bono), I have gone to pains to develop it as a "default" of sorts.
It feclects simplicity, consistent design, and presentation of information. One of the rules of design is that people pay far more attention to what appears on their screen than they do what they have to scroll down to. Thus, the data on this site is dense, but clear.
I also intentionally gave it a "lighter" feeling due to the nature of the topic (elder care). And also, to be honest, to break my reliance on blue color hues.

In Focus Website Thumbnail
In Focus Photography (2004/2014)
Semi-Functional Data Placeholders, Under Construction
In Focus was a photography company which I originally designed a page for over several years until 2004. The goal for the client was to provide a simple, smooth interface to showcase services.
In 2014 I went back and recoded the page to use more modern web standards. While the company is no longer functional, I am maintaining the page as an experimental design to break the flow of traditional menus and test CSS3/HTML5 animation techniques.
All of the data and prices are placeholders not meant to be accurate costs.
This page is under construction, more elements will be added shortly

Beaver Lane Website Thumbnail
Beaver Lane (2011)
Fully Functional
Beaver Lane is a user guide to a rental property in Lake Arrowhead. The primary focus is the presentation of information and imagery for prospective renters to gain a better concept of the property.
The page has a site map which is a little too deep for my usual designs, but hopes to guide the user to all of the necessary information for their stay.

AO Basher Website Thumbnail
AO Basher (2001-2003)
Non-Functional Archived: Non Functional
A news site for the MMO Anarchy Online gaming community, is my most ambitious project, with 55,000 registered users. At one point, it used a proprietary CMS, which I switched to a custom heavily modified phpBB frontend.
The use of phpBB as the structure made it easy to post articles, for users to post comments, and for content to be updated.
Another important aspect of this page is the extent of including page elements from other AO community sites and data about the state of the servers. This was being a hub without being a portal.

Gridfeed Website Thumbnail
Borealis Grid Feed (2003)
Non-Functional Mock Up: Non Functional
A concept-design for the MMORPG Anarchy Online role playing crowd, this page was never taken live due to lack of interest.
Nonetheless, I did put effort into making a design that fit the game's lore. On this page, I concentrated on developing dynamic content and PHP scripts to make a mock news service. Headlines would expand or load content into other elements of the page instead of browsing to a new place; a bit ahead of the curve of technology at the time.
This is the last page I used JavaScript with, as it was a browser compatibility nightmare.
I may be updating aspects of this page to make it a semi-functional tech demo

Theta Xi Backend Thumbnail
Nu of Theta Xi Aggregator Backend (2001-2002)
Non-Functional Server-Side Application/Database
For my fraternity, I designed this CMS/aggregator to help make meetings more efficient and retain more organized records.
Each officer and committee leader could submit their reports from our intranet, which would be stored in a database. For meetings, these could automatically be printed out as an agenda, or referenced over time to monitor progress.
Keeping records centralized also allowed comments to be made on each report outside of meetings.

Vista Community College Website Thumbnail
Vista Community College (1998-1999)
Semi-FunctionalArchive: Semi-Functional
If it appears a bit dated, that is on purpose (neverminding that it was made in 1998). The school had very specific needs for ease of access for students varying from disabilities to language concerns.
The page I designed was contemporary (remember the old pages like Alta Vista?), but very thin and modular. It allowed easy switching between languages and text-only mode. The muted color scheme was created for visual disabilities and text-only browsing. Nothing on the site is server-side database reliant, for ease of maintenance, and by not using images, the site is accessible for low speed modems and easy to translate.
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