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This way to the loot!
Posted: Razishlyat @ Fri Feb 28, 2003 8:23 am (Currently Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:26 pm )
Playfield Status - Always updating, please help yourselves.
AO-Basher Forums - Still up and ticking. Post your questions or conversations here, or use the official boards (link below).

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AO-Basher's news function is retired, but it is as good a place as any for directing you to the wonderful resources in the AO community as they crop up. The content on the site (linked to from the menu on the left) is still active, as are these fansites. If you have additional links, feel free to post in the comments section, and I might or might not update this post.

If you are interested in our goodbye messages, just scroll down to the posts Solarax and Razishlyat made.

Good hunting,
AO-Basher Staff
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So Long And Thanks For All The Loot
Posted: Solarax @ Thu Feb 20, 2003 11:15 pm (Currently Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:26 pm )
When I first learnt about the existence of Anarchy Online, little did I think that two years later not only would I have a character nearing the level cap, but that I would be Editor-In-Chief of one of the game's top fansites. Incidentally, I first learnt about the game at a Trade Show called ECTS 2001 in London. However, this is exactly what I have experienced in the last twenty-four months. My time with the community has definitely been one hell of a roller-coaster ride, but unfortunately it looks like I've finally run out of tracks.

Those regular visitors to the site will have no doubt noticed by now that the front page hasn't been updated with any news for well over a week. This is something that until now I have endeavoured not to let slip, even if it meant sacrificing certain events in my life to get it done. It was only when, out of the blue, my "Virtual Life" was questioned by my nearest and dearest that I realised how addicted I had become to Anarchy Online and its wonderful community.

After several days left to my own devices and a lot of thinking time on my hands, I began to see clearly for the first time how the very thing that I thought was making me happy, was the one thing that was making my life miserable. Over the last eighteen months I have seen several relationships with friends drift into nothingness, my own social life out of the Internet became none existent and most of all, started living my life through sprites on my monitor. The last of these points isn't necessarily a bad thing if moderated correctly, but as I have a rather obsessive-compulsive personality, I can never do things by halves and so many other areas of my life have suffered.

I guess you can all imagine what is coming now as I'm afraid you're not wrong. Over the last few days, I have made an extremely hard decision and have chosen not only to leave my post at AO-Basher, but also to leave Anarchy Online as well in order to reclaim my life. It may seem rather pathetic to some who have been through a lot more that I have, but this has been one of the hardest decisions I have made in my life, but at this point in time, I am convinced that it is the right thing to do. I have vowed to put those important relationships in my life before the work that I have put in to the community and this is the best way to cure myself from this addiction.

If you have read this far, I apologise for the self-indulgent account of why I have made my decision. I have done a lot of thinking in the past couple of weeks and now I have put virtual pen to paper, it seems to be flowing like that lovely waterfall in Broken Shores. Anyway, now that the explanation is over, I can concentrate on thanking everyone who has been a part of "Solarax's Anarchy Online Adventure" and explains a bit about where the site is going from here.

AO-Basher has been a part of my life for a long time now and as much as it will disappoint a lot of readers out there, the site will be retired with my departure and not handed over to anyone else. As most regulars will know, I have more or less single handedly updated the fansite every single day for the last eighteen months, in the process creating a wonderful archive of the events occurring in Anarchy Online. It is my hope that Funcom, who host AO-Basher, will allow these archives to remain in some way so that people can look back on certain happenings and reminisce about old times together.

Passing on the site to anyone else wishing to take over is just not a viable option. The backend of AO-Basher is an incredible piece of work that has been engineered in a way that would make it near impossible for someone to use without expending more effort than it would take to start a fresh site. I am not sure what to suggest for those looking for a replacement site, but even for all our rivalries in the past, I would recommend you think about using AO-Stratics. It is by far the best remaining Anarchy Online fansite and Meister, along with his staff, have done a great job revitalising it.

Now where do I start in thanking people. Well I suppose that I have to start with Funcom because without the hard work of their employees, present and past, none of this would even be necessary. I can't even begin to describe how amazing the world of Rubi-Ka is. Just the sheer amount of people leaving due to addiction is a testament in itself. From the Funcom staff, I would especially like to thank the following people.

  • Dai-Galean And Abrii - I'm not sure how many people out there have had the great honour of speaking to Dai-Galean and his lovely fianc�e Abrii, but I can assure you that you will not find nicer people on this planet. Since day one the couple has been pillars in my Anarchy Online experience and I now consider them both very good friends. I wish both of them all the happiness in the world and a promise that one day we will finally meet each other in the flesh. Thank you for all the fun we've had together.

  • Cz - If any one man is responsible for keeping Funcom from sinking in its times of peril, then Cz is certainly this individual. Few people have a true talent for their job, but over the months, Cz has made his dealings with the community look simple, even though the amount of work he gets through would be enough to fill a dozen employees time. Thank you for doing your job so well and being so pleasant to work with.

  • Cosmik - Cosmik managed to obtain the rare status of being loved by every customer he worked with. Thank you for bringing a smile to the face of everyone that you interacted with in the game.

  • Ragnar - If anything is worth reading then Ragnar's website is one of them. It's always nice to know that someone is living a worthwhile life even if I'm not. Thank you for having the imagination and skills to write such absorbing literature. You have a fan for life.

    Throughout my experiences in-game and in the community through IRC and AO-Basher I have come across many people that I would like to thank for making the last eighteen months so enjoyable. These groups include all the readers here at AO-Basher, most of the members belonging to GVRK and Forsaken as well as various other people I have come across.

  • Razishlyat - I met Razishlyat through the IRC channels linked to Anarchy Online, we found ourselves in the same guild before long and eventually I invited him to join the AO-Basher staff. Not only has Razi proved essential in keeping AO-Basher technologically up-to-date, but has become one of my closest friends as well. We both share certain passions about how we think Anarchy Online should have been designed and therefore we have had some amazing conversations together. Without Razi around AO-Basher would have died a long time ago. Thank you for being a fantastic debate partner.

  • Mouse - Although he departed from Rubi-Ka some time ago now, Mouse was one of the most influential people in my early years in the community. He is incredibly kind and generous and has always been there to talk to. Thank you for being around Mousii.

  • Ainur - Thank you for all your work on AO-Basher, it's been great fun working and playing in-game with you.

  • Sion, Chaos And CaptFallout - Thank you for starting off AO-Basher in the fantastic way in which it was and for letting me take over all those months ago.

  • The #AnarchyOnline IRC Crew - Thank you for being there to have some wonderful conversations with.

    Well that about wraps it up from me. I hope everyone understands why I have made the decisions I have described. I wish every single one of you a happy life and a great time playing Anarchy Online. It's certainly been an experience that I'll never forget.

    Oh, and I never did get my pony.

  • Comments: 51 :: View Comments
    Goodbye, take care, and good hunting.
    Posted: Razishlyat @ Thu Feb 20, 2003 10:13 pm (Currently Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:26 pm )
    It is difficult to maintain a balance between a MMORPG and your real life. Friends you make in the community can become closer than friends you have in the real world, and those friendships are just as strong. The experiences you have ingame can be just as vivid as those you have doing �real� things. But nonetheless, you are left with a slack. It can never be as satisfying, and at the same time, can often cut away large chunks of your life and your contact with people day to day. You can become addicted. You can stop having a real life, and spend all your free time in a virtual world, and yes, that can be dangerous. It can have adverse affects on your friendships in real life.

    Running a fansite makes this even harsher. The time and energy it takes to daily search for news, update the site, manage forums and comments, and create new content can wear people out quickly. AO-Basher has been a largely one man operation for over a year now, and Solarax has manned the helm admirably. As one of my best friends, I have seen the frustrations that come from dealing with so much. When he invited Ainur and myself to come on board and redo the site, I was more than happy to help. I got a strong taste of what is what. If you did not know, AO-Basher is an entirely independent operation, and everything you see before you has been created by us for us from scratch, non-profit. Not a single cent has made it�s way to anyone�s pocket for AO-B, and we are very proud of that.

    When I joined, we wanted to breathe new life into AO-B. The site as it was originally was outdated and outclassed by more specific sites using more up-to-date means. We made a conscious decision to create a network of AO fansites, instead of duplicating the excellent content already provided by our sister sites. We integrated the excellent guides at Anarchy Arcanum into our page, though this conversion was never completely finished. We brought a Gridstream banner to expose more people to that excellent webcast. We brought in Speedy�s, and wanted to feature Faunlore. When Auno closed down Antiguardians, we were put in a spot, and Ainur and I began work on our own database, which was reaching completion when Jayde brought a whole world of whoop-ass down on it, so we decided to integrate that in. Auno came back shortly after that was decided, so I wanted to include his Antiguardians site via a simpler land control overview based on his XML dump. Unfortuantely, this last project was never completed due to a family emergency on Christmas that took me away from basically my entire life for a month. The other plans we had were to rotate �advertisements� for ingame establishments, items, and AO tools like Clicksaver, similar to what Anarchy Arcanum has started. Again, this project was interrupted.

    This network was our goal, and I am profoundly saddened to not see it happen. I encourage all of you to go give these sites the support they deserve, and I thank all of them for their cooperation. It is truly amazing to see what a community can do, and how in-depth and professional they can become about it. Also, check out the excellent regional/foreign language based fansites, and the profession specific sites.

    We had a whole slew of things we wanted to bring you, from some pretty snazzy t-shirts to a comic book style replacement for the animated series FunCom cancelled. A bug database. �Get to know� the random FunCom employees we never get to meet, focusing on them, not the issues. I designed a sub-site that was all done in-char for the smaller community events and all that good stuff.

    In short, the time I�ve spent with the Anarchy Online community an AO-Basher specifically has been amazing. I got to know a lot of great people who I hope I will never forget, and I got to piss off a lot of people who I hope never forget me. I can only mention a few names here, but I�ll try to get as many as I can� first of all, Solarax and Ainur, who made this experience everything. Mouse, who left our community last year, but still hasn�t escaped me in DAoC. I need some SCing done on a new set of leather, BTW, Mousii. Dai-Galean and Abrii, who I consider good friends even above Dai�s now-past role with FunCom. I sincerely wish the best for you guys. Go ahead and write that book, Dai. :-> Cz, who I never got to know as well, but was still available to do everything he could, and the departed Cosmik. All of my wacky Scandinavian family who made GVRK what it was and make Forsaken what it is, who are too numerous to mention here. The gang in #anarchyonline, who make life bearable. Letah, for being an avid AO-Basher from the beginning, and her long hours sitting alone in the abandoned #ao-basher (and for being a r0x0ring Doc Professional). Everyone from the other fansites. From Ellusion and Twicer to Auno and Jayde to Tarryk, Gridfan, Xtrophic, and the rest of the huge crew at Gridstream to MORB and Dovve, to the numerous profession specific sites that rock, and even to the other general news sites. You guys do such amazing work, you put us to shame. FunCom, who has done an excellent job trying to reach out to the community, despite what most of us think. And yes, we are hosted by FunCom. No, I have no clue how that came to be, and no, it did not affect our reporting or opinion at all, but their kindness was key to allowing us to run advertisement free. SilkeX� who literally defies words. CaptFallout, because how the bloody hell can you talk about AO-Basher and not mention CaptFallout?

    There are too many to mention, especially all of our readers. AO-Basher maintained a database of 55,000 registered users and charted 80,000 unique visitors a month. Not too shabby, I think, for an independent site run by one person. Reading the comments threads on some of the posts was sometimes the most invigorating part of this site. Thank you all. I hope you enjoyed this experience as much as I have, and I love you all, even the ones I hate.

    I believe that our server will be left up. Our automatic resources like the playfield information that is so popular and the guides, breed and skill info, commands, and other features remain open, as will the news archives. Like the "Behemoth," though, AO-B will drift on through time unmanned.

    This site was all Solarax. His archive of news posts is something that truly defines what Anarchy Online is and was. Taking a look at the �Yesteryear� feature on the front page is like taking a core sample from the arctic snows. It instantly captures the events and attitude of the time perfectly. From way back when I was just a little visitor to AO-B, he was always THE source, the historian of AO. Like Dan Rather, but with a personality and better hair. But this site is what it is � a fansite for a computer game. This should not be taken too seriously, and certainly not in front of Solarax�s personal life.

    We made the decision to retire AO-Basher instead of passing it on to new hands. So much blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this that it is ours. When I joined AO-Basher, we fought an uphill battle. I can tell you now that the admin rights were completely farked, and Solarax could only post news because IE remembered the password. Ainur and I spent a while trying to break into the FTP without the master password. We had to dig around the database and violate our own security to gain access. In retrospect, it was fun, like exploring PW on foot for the first time at level 20. But since then, we�ve made it ours, and I, for one, just can�t pass that down. It would be like sending your child to live with another family forever.

    Wait, didn�t I just say that this should not be taken too seriously?

    Gentlemen, what we have here is a terrifying example of the reindeer effect.

    * Razishlyat has quit IRC (�<Mot> DARREN RAZI AND SOLARAX ARE abusive of their ops � are the ops just magically turning a blind eye to the fact that razi is useless and abusive of his 'status� � and the fact that razi has a huge ego, and does next to nothing besides some MINOR html editing and stuff i mean ..he's useless his uber leet html skills are ...nonexistant")
    Comments: 30 :: View Comments
    Anarchy Online Launcher Announces Downtimes
    Posted: Solarax @ Mon Feb 10, 2003 4:06 pm (Currently Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:26 pm )
    A message posted on the Anarchy Online Launcher this week has informed the game's community about two downtimes, one of which took place last Friday morning and allowed the servers to be upgraded, that Funcom currently have scheduled. The second downtime, taking place early on Wednesday morning, has been planned so that the usual maintenance can be carried out on the Live Dimensions as well as allowing time for a complete wipe of Test Server characters to take place.
    Greetings! We would like to remind you of the downtime tomorrow. All servers will go down at 7:00GMT for server maintenance. The estimated downtime is ten hours. As you all have been informed, the character wipe will take place on Wednesday the 12th of February 2003. We would all like to invite you to a few events that will take place on Tuesday the 11th of February prior to the wipe on Test Server.

    To view downtime message, visit the Anarchy Online Launcher by clicking here
    To read about the Test Server events, visit the Official Bulletin Board by clicking here
    Comments: 2 :: View Comments
    Funcom Newsletter Announces Shadowlands Information
    Posted: Solarax @ Sun Feb 09, 2003 3:08 pm (Currently Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:26 pm )
    The February edition of Funcom's monthly newsletter arrived this week, brining with it information about Shadowlands and a link to the recently updated section of the Official Site that concentrates on the upcoming expansion pack. Previously unseen screenshots, a passage about the backstory of the Shadowlands and a list of planned features are included within the new additions to the section, which will be updated regularly in the run-up to the Expansion Pack's release.
    The Shadowlands bear evidence of an ancient civilisation of human-like creatures thriving there, clearly more advanced than mankind ever was. But the Shadowlands are scarred, and it seems something happened there, a terrible struggle of some kind, or some cataclysmic event, that ultimately constructed its demise. What happened? Who were those creatures?

    To view the latest newsletter, visit the Official Site by clicking here
    To visit the Shadowlands section, visit the Official Site by clicking here
    To read an article about the new information, visit the Official Site by clicking here
    Comments: 1 :: View Comments
    AO-Vault Receive Answers And A Screenshot From Funcom
    Posted: Solarax @ Sat Feb 08, 2003 2:51 pm (Currently Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:26 pm )
    As well as obtaining their weekly set of Developer Answers from Funcom, AO-Vault has also received a screenshot from the upcoming expansion Pack, the subject of which is a Shadowlands skyline. Included within the information provided by Funcom is an explanation about how the Development Team tests high level content as well as news on the possibility of outside missions and a brief look at if any money sinks will be introduced to Rubi-Ka's selection of shops.
    Outdoor missions is a very unlikely feature. It was tried extensively during beta and turned out to be very exploitable. If we were to re-introduce these now we would have to add so many precautions that they really wouldn't be very enjoyable anyway. We are also looking at ways to introduce more money-sinks to Anarchy Online, but adding high Quality Level items to current shops is not on the list.

    To view read the full answers, visit AO-Vault by clicking here
    Comments: 0 :: View Comments
    Immense Releases Character Look-Up Application
    Posted: Solarax @ Fri Feb 07, 2003 5:27 pm (Currently Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:26 pm )
    Using Funcom's website based character look-up script to find information on certain characters can often prove to be a slow process when using a dial-up connection, which is why Immense has created an application to speed up the task. The program allows users to locate the Permanent Character Bio of a specific player, by inputting a certain name, without having to wait for the Official Site to load, therefore increasing the speed at which information can be found.
    Many people requested an interface color change and the ability to set a default server when doing a search. In this version you can do both of these actions as well as change the colour of the text, background and buttons to whatever you wish. I created this application because there were times that I wanted to look up a character in the game, but did not want to have to deal with going to the Official Site.

    To download the application, visit Mercwear by clicking here
    Comments: 0 :: View Comments
    Supression Gas Levels Feature In Funcom Poll
    Posted: Solarax @ Thu Feb 06, 2003 4:33 pm (Currently Tue Aug 05, 2003 1:26 pm )
    Anarchy Online players have this week been asked to express their opinions about Suppression Gas levels at Land Control areas by voting in a poll, created by Cz, on the Official Bulletin Board. Members within the community are requested to show the Development Team whether they would like Suppression Gas levels at Land Control areas to be changed and if not, if they would like them to be open to attack more or less times a day than they currently are.
    We would like to know how often you want to be able to attack each base, and thus also how often you think you should need to defend your own bases. Of course, an organization owning five bases will have to defend more often than others no matter what, unless they manage to get all running in perfect sync. Let's know what you think about this, and feel free to post comments and suggestions in the thread.

    To vote in the poll, visit the Official Bulletin Board by clicking here
    Comments: 5 :: View Comments
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