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Fan Fiction

November 29th by Razishlyat
The inside of the tent was that barren, blank, cold, detached, drab dull, emotionless, expressionless, impassive, monotonous, tedious, uninteresting grey. The same grey the walls of most Omni-Tek buildings clung to, filling Space with rien du tout to prevent it from being vacant. Or, as with some Omni properties, to avoid looking like something. Perhaps this explained the all-embracing neon highlights throughout Omni-Ent.

Healing Touch by Abrii
The call came from my sister very late at night. "Abaria, can you come to West Athen for me and help some clanners out?" She wanted me to heal those clan members who would inevitably be coming there after regenerating, dazed, confused and feeling all the other after effects of a sudden death and ressurection.

Sudden Pain by Abrii
RSudden pain, loss, anguish and despair all had been close companions of mine for well over 2 months now, all because I loved someone who was never meant to really be mine.

Katia Ganes by Razishlyat
Red. That planet was certainly… red. Rubi-Ka, indeed. No matter. Red, green, blue, named Kalzul, Gaintra, Alure, she had been to many planets. And had many names. Worked for Omni-Tek, against Omni-Tek. What did they know? Why, just last week...

Demarcus Zanter by Razishlyat
Coryn Michels rounded the corner in a hard run. The metal that had been part of her leg since childhood was tensed. It had the feel of something that would break if too much pressure were applied, but for now, it provided a slightly augmented step, a pace brisker than she could maintain normally.

Favorite Places by Abrii
In all of Rubi Ka there was one place that Abaria liked best, the back yard of her sisters' apartment in Old Athen. There was a small pond there, its waters calming and soothing, some trees to provide shade from the hot sun, and a couple of canopies over small stools, one with a table.

Deja Vu by Lonnonf
Disoriented and nauseous, Pennelope sat down and waited for her mind and body to come to grips with her new situation. Her brain was a complete fog, busy integrating old memories from her last cell scan with new information fed to it by the resurrection system.
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