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  Lisa Jessup, Conservator
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Lisa Jessup advocates for those with special needs

"Life is a joy in all of creation right here where we are, and when. Its sorrows and even its despairs are gateways to its further joy. We are free, free to think what we think, feel what we feel, and do what we need to do with leisure and no frenzy." - Robert C. Murphy, age 77, 1993

* Professional Fiduciary is often named at a California Probate Court Proceeding "for the purpose of managing financial affairs or personal care for another" and is legally obliged to discharge faithfully, a responsibility of trust toward another. The Probate Court of California grants permission to the Professional Fiduciary to act.
Quality of life is the most important consideration for anyone needing services of a Care Manager

Lisa Callaway provides conscientious oversight of clients needing assistance and is prepared to provide service to persons with special needs of all ages. In addition, she can provide thoughtful protection of the client's financial interests, plan estate management and advocate for them. This is her solemn promise

Some families are able to care for their loved ones, but others come to find that the ailing need protection of a trusted professional. We are here to provide that assistance
  • Arrange functional skill assessments and remediation to those needing assistance
  • Conduct meetings with families and come to results amenable to all parties in the planning and implementation of a program
  • Manage business for those unable to do so
Aging-in-Place Services are a large part of the work Lisa Callaway performs for clients. Many people want to remain at home and, with proper in-home assistance, can enjoy as many years of quality independent living as possible
She assesses needs, sets a plan, consults with the family and then implements that plan with family assistance

Lisa then continues to monitor:
  • Health, safety and security
  • Training for care-givers
  • Helping clients adjust to their assistance
  • When a client may wish to move into another independent community or assisted-living setting
  • Need for technology to remain independent
  • Management of patient care
  • Ongoing care and results
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