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  Lisa Jessup, Conservator
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"Our life is love, peace, and tenderness; and bearing one with another, and forgiving one another... praying one for another and helping one another up with a tender hand, if there has been any slip or fall... walk sweetly, meekly, tenderly, peaceable and lovingly one with another... watch your hearts and ways; and watch over one another in that which is gentle and tender... So, mind Truth, the service, enjoyment, and possession of it is your hearts..."
Isaac Penington, Aylesbury Prison, 1669

Insight and Gifts Received From A Life of Experience Networking, mediation, and cooperation through careful listening facilitates providing the proper regimen for protected persons

Sound financial management with an eye to conserving these assets and monitoring client care to provide the client with patience and long term consistency is a key goal

Facilitating arrangements, Lisa has authored tens of dozens of Individual Educational Plans, working with parents, psychologists, social workers, group-home personnel and administrators to place students in appropriate programs

Finding solutions to problems through cooperation, Lisa conducted meetings to ensure Free Public Appropriate Education for students with Special Needs

Actively applying a wealth of knowledge of each factor and unique situation to ensure proper placement for the person with Special Needs is of paramount importance

Understanding of situations to work with others to meet the needs of the family and conservatee or trustee

Capability to design a long-term plan of assets which may guide the placement of the conservatee or trustee, provide needed assistance, and monitor assets to maximize their potential

Listening and expediting appropriate programs by working with the help of colleagues with additional expertise

Through patience and consistency, no matter how profound the disability, a client can learn. It just takes time and careful planning
Work Experience
  High school English Teacher for Special Education Students

  Elementary and Middle School Teacher
  Resource Specialist for Special Education Students
  Special Education Department Chair
  Teacher on Special Assignment

  Psychiatric Technician at Lanterman State Hospital

  - Professional Fiduciary
  - National Certified Guardian

Master's Degree
  Educational Administration
  California State University, Los Angeles

1987 and 1989
  - Severe Handicaps
  - Resource Specialist of Special Needs Persons

English Credential
  California Polytechnic University, Pomona

Bachelor of Arts
  California State University, Fullerton

Designation as Psychiatric Technician

Special Qualifications
For seven years, Lisa Jessup's work was a teacher on special assignment to enroll and place Special Education students in programs appropriate to their Individual Education Plans. This work also required expertise in working with others to find a "least restrictive environment" for the persons needing assistance.

During this time, she developed a network with schools around Los Angeles County and some in other states. Performing this work created opportunities for contact with people throughout several school systems.
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