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How to Add Classes*


  1. Check with Vista's Admissions and Records (A&R) Office to determine if the class is open.
  2. If the class is open, A&R staff will enroll you in class and direct you to the cashier to pay your fees, or refer you to Touch-Tone registration.
  3. If the class is closed, complete an add card (available from A&R) and take it to the instructor.
  4. If the instructor accepts you in the class, s/he must sign your add card.
  5. Return your add card promptly to A&R for processing.
  6. Obtain new receipt from Cashier's Office.


How to Drop Classes*

  1. Complete a drop card for each class in which you no longer wish to be enrolled. Cards are available at Admissions and Records (A&R). This is your responsibility.
  2. Turn in your drop card to A&R for processing or use Touch-Tone telephone enrollment. An instructor's signature is not required. After hours, you may leave drop cards in Vista's Admissions Office mail slot on the first floor of 2020 Milvia St.
  3. Do not assume that your instructor will drop you from class, if you do not attend class meetings. You may receive an "F" grade if you do not follow procedures.
  4. If you must drop all classes, follow the drop procedures above.
  5. If you wish to change sections of the same course, follow Drop/Add procedures. Be sure to tell Admissions Office staff that you are simply making a change in section. Failure to do so may result in additional charges to you.


  • You may use Touch-Tone telephone to add or drop classes throughout the semester.

The Touch-Tone Add/Drop number is (510) 208-7225.

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