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Financial Aid: Fee Waivers and Board of Governorsí Grants

BOGEFW Method AVeteran's or National Guard Dependents
BOGEFW Method BBOGEFW Level B Income Levels
BOGEFW Method CBOGEFW Level C Income Levels

If you believe you qualify for a BOG Enrollment Fee Waiver, complete the BOGEFW application, available from Vistaís Financial Aid Office, and submit the completed application and support documentation to the Financial Aid Office. If the office is closed, place the information in the mail slot. This BOGEFW Fee Waiver will cover your enrollment fee for the entire academic year.

Acceptable Documentation for BOGEFW Method A, TANF/Calworks or SSI Recipients

  • Medi-Cal Card issued in your name (or your parentís name) for the same month in which you file this application or one calendar month before; or

  • TANF or SSI Warrant or Check issued in your name (or your parentís name) for the same month in which you file this application or one month before; or

General Assistance Recipients

  • Agency Certification-Untaxed Income Form. May be obtained from the Financial Aid Office, and must be completed by the Welfare Office; or

  • Other documentation agreed upon between your community college district and county welfare department. Ask your Financial Aid Office.


Deceased/Disabled Veteransí Dependents or National Guard Dependents

  • Fee Waiver certification provided by the California Department of Veterans Affairs or your county Veterans Service Office. Fee Waiver certification provided by the California National Guard Adjutant Generalís Office.


Documentation for BOGEFW Method B

  • A Board of Governors (BOGEFW) Method B can be awarded to low-income students. Whether you can qualify is based upon your (or your parentsí) income and household size. Provide documentation of income, such as a copy of your latest U.S. Income Tax Return, or other proof of income.


Documentation for BOGEFW Method C

  • You may qualify for Method C if financial need is demonstrated. This is determined by using Federally mandated standards and methodology. You must present need documentation and complete the Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA) are required.

  • To be eligible for BOGEFW Method C, you must enroll in a minimum of six semester units. Income ceilings for BOGEFW Method C are indicated here.Contact Vista's Financial Aid Office at (510) 841-8860, Ext. 246 or Ext. 227 for details.



Level B BOGEFW Annual Family Income Levels

# in Household (including self)Income
One$7,500 or less
Two$15,000 or lessThree$16,000 or less
Four$17,000 or less
Each 1 additional+$1000



Level C BOGEFW Maximum Income Levels

Marriage StatusChildrenIncome
SingleNo children$30,600/year
SingleOne child$62,000/year
SingleTwo children$67,500/year
MarriedNo children$33,500/year
MarriedOne child$62,000/year
MarriedTwo children$65,500/year


Contact Vista's Financial Aid Office to determine your eligibility based on individual family size and income. Call Rob Vergas at (510) 841-8860, Ext. 227 or 246.

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