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American Sign Language Associate in Arts Degree
And Certificate of Completion

Vista’s American Sign Language Program is a model for colleges and universities throughout the United States and in Canada. It focuses on understanding Deaf culture, development of communication skills, grammar, and how cultural differences between the Deaf and hearing communities effect cross-cultural communication. Most importantly, it provides students with tools to continue learning the language in the community. Phone Cheri Smith (510) 841-8860, Ext. 263; (510) 841-0807 (Office TTY), or Ella Mae Lentz (510) 849-4426 (TTY).

ASL Associate in Arts Degree and Certificate of Completion Requirements
Required CoursesUnits
ASL 50: American Sign Language I4
ASL 51: American Sign Language II4
ASL 52: American Sign Language III4
ASL 53: American Sign Language IV4
ASL 55A: History and Culture of Deaf People in America3
ASL 55B: History and Culture of Deaf People in America II3
ASL 57: Structure of American Sign Language3
ASL 200: Classifiers in American Sign Language2
ASL 201: American Sign Language Field Experience3
ASL 202: Expressive/Receptive, Numerical and Fingerspelling1
Total minimum required units31

*For the Associate in Arts Degree in American Sign Language, students must complete the General Education pattern and elective courses for an additional 29 units.

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