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Further information on page recommendations:
I strongly recommend that, if possible, you use Internet Explorer 5.x to view this page. Netscape Navigator and other browsers may have incompatibilities with JavaScript and some design elements used on this page, but it should still function.
I also recommend that you use a screen resolution of 800x600 or larger - see below for instructions. The larger the screen resolution, the more text can be displayed on the screen at a time. Smaller resolutions may have some problems viewing the entire page.
I encourage that both JavaScript and Cookies be enabled. If you don't know what either are, you probably didn't disable them. More obvoiusly, if there are no values in the boxes above, JavaScript is disabled. If you did disable them, you should know that both offer NO security risk, contrary to widespread belief. JavaScript can not write to your system, and cookies can only be used by the same server that placed them there. If a site did manipulate them, the contents of that site would very likely be illegal. In addition, both provide huge benefits for both the designer and viewer of pages; cookies allow a designer to track your preferences throughout the page without requiring you to enter personal information, and JavaScript is a very powerful tool for creating interactive pages.

The page appears distorted!
This is probably the most common problem - try reloading. If not, please e-mail the Webmaster with the name of the page the error occurs on and the name and version of your browser (see above).

The pages won't fit into my screen!
Display mode
Changing your display mode will make your viewable area larger. This also means that things (like icons and text) get smaller - it is like zooming out. There are several advantages, though, mainly in that you can see more of documents. At lower resolutions, many things get cut off. This website contains menus that can be distorted without the extra space.
If you still can not see menus, other ways to increase space are to view in full screen mode (Internet Explorer), or to minimize the toolbars by clicking on the tabs on the left of them (look to the left of the "back" button. (Netscape 4)

Changing your display mode
  • Right click on your desktop and choose properties, or go to the Start Menu and choose Settings, Control Panel, then Display.
  • Select the "Settings" tab on the far right.
  • Move the slider under "Screen Area" to the right, until it says "800 by 600 pixels"
  • Press "OK" at the bottom of the screen. You may need to reboot your computer.

  • When I click on a link, there is no page!
    This site is under construction, so some pages may not be up yet. If the page says "404, Page not completed", this is the case. If there is another error, please submit it to the Webmaster.

    How do I save a file/page?
    Saving files to your hard drive
    Windows - Internet Explorer
  • Right click on the page; select "Add to Favorites...", being sure to put a check in the "Make Available Offline".
  • To later view the page, click on the Favorites Icon in IE (or your start menu or elsewhere, if you have Windows98) and select the name of the page you saved.
  • The Favorites option will also let programs such as MS Word open the file by opening the "Favorites" folder.
    Windows - Netscape
  • Left click on the page you want to save (this site is done in 2 frames - the menu and main - so you must specify which one you want). There will be no visual effect.
  • From the "File" menu in Netscape, choose "Save Frame As..."
  • Save the page to a place you will be able to find, such as an empty folder or your desktop. If you can not find your apge, use the "Find Files and Folders" option from your Start Menu.
  • The page will save all of the text and formatting, so that it can be opened in your web browser at any time. You can also use a program such as Microsoft Word. To save the images, as well, right click on them and select "Save Image As..." to the same folder as the page.

  • What is this Adobe Acrobat Reader, and where do I get it?
    Acrobat Reader is an advanced publishing tool that lets large documents be distributed easily. Portions of the Vista website use this type of file - a Portable Document Format, or .pdf. These are marked with a , so you'll know before clicking on them.
    These files require special free software from Adobe to read - Adobe Acrobat. To download this, follow the link below. Be warned, it a large file, and will probably take between fifteen and thirty minutes.

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